Monday, June 27, 2011

lots of links in my chain!

Here are some intriguing and fun links that I discovered recently:

I'm loving this outfit! The colours, the fit, those shoes! :D I am being influenced by Project Runway at the moment which can only mean I am getting my "designer" on, girl! :P haha!


A favourite store of mine back in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a lovely little store filled to the brim with gorgeous jewellery, perfume, homewares and gifts. See the website here

Here is where you can read "Letters to God". It is a very touching and thought provoking project/site that I found through Sarah Von's Yes and Yes blog. It reminds me of the importance of humility, gratitude, love and patience. 
The is an extract from the site which explains the project in a bit more detail: 
"Started in 2007, this site Dear God, Please Help Me was inspired by a Morrissey song by the same name (listen here). I was curious to see if people said the same things I did when I cried, “God, please help me,” especially if I was put into situations where I needed the most help “from up above”. By no means am I a religious person, nor do I believe in “God”. But this is NOT what the project is about… or, hell, maybe it is.
This project is about that raw feeling of desperation, where you’ve got no where else to turn and no one else to ask for help. This could be your point of no return or your moment of clarity. Maybe even a rite of passage.
Everyone, at some point in there life has asked for help from God, maybe not in the form of a letter, but they have begged and pleaded or talked to God:
“I will never do that again! Just give me one more chance!”
“Dear God, please don’t let her be pregnant.”
“God, I never ask you for anything but I am asking now: PLEASE MAKE MY MOM’S CANCER GO AWAY.”
For this project, I am interested in those moments. Whether the moments are now or months ago, good or bad, desperate or calm, I just want to compile them here so we can all read them out loud. Maybe we will discover that we are more alike than we think, which seems to be the case. Maybe we will find that we are all asking for the same type of help. And, if that is true, maybe God is tired of hearing the same thing over and over again".

Happy Monday!

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