Sunday, March 28, 2010

look look!

Here is the pic of me in MX newspaper from 26/3/10. It's good to get a bit of advertising! :P Thanks to all the new faces who popped by to say hello. It was great to meet you!

I also wanted to share this print and dress that has caught my eye recently... sourced from Etsy


Next week, I'll be at the Young Designer's Market on Easter Sunday then I'm off, on the 6th, to New Zealand for a wedding! Sam's brother, Joe, is getting married to the lovely Katy! I have the honour of being one of the bridesmaids. It's going to be a beautiful day at Stoneridge Estate, just outside Queenstown. I'll be back at the markets from the 23rd April.

I wish you all a Happy Easter x

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new items and APT day!

Hi everybody... hi Dr Nick!

I hope you're well! I have been busy designing this week and below are some images of my Alice in Wonderland themed brooches

the new alice dress brooch...

crazy cheshire cat brooch

 mad hatter's hat

Today I went to see the Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition at GOMA. It was fantastic! Very inspiring... It was also so nice to take the day to appreciate the moment and indulge my interests. My day started with a delicious breakfast at Cirque (vege chowdown) and then, much later, a very filling pasta meal at Vapiano's in the city. There was also shopping for Sam's new business shirts at David Jones, where there was a great sale! yay! I love shopping for men's clothes.. plus they are so well priced (lucky buggers! grrrr!) - Industrie men's dress pants for $49.00! So Sam bought 2 pairs..who can resist a bargain!?
I also found a cute, tiny coffee bar near the Parmalat milk factory called The Bird's Nest. It had some old suitcases and nick nacks for sale, which is my kind of place ;P

 the string room (my favourite part)

 mass of toy men with flowers

I hope you have a great week ahead :) 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I have a new love...

Isn't she a beauty?! I bought it yesterday at Fossil after seeing in the window a few days earlier... I tried to resist.. but I couldn't stop thinking about it! It had to be mine! I am a bit obsessed with brown leather bags at the moment... that and old suitcases.. an recipe book that I may never cook from (but the pictures are so lovely!). I want to buy them all. Those who have seen the stall will see that I have a nice collection already!
Here are some more pics that I've found while browsing google images:

mmmm... delightful!

On a side note, Good Boy Cracky is going to be in MX magazine! I have a photo shoot next wednesday so stay tuned for the pic! hehehe! how exciting!

I'm also working on new Alice in Wonderland inspired hair clips and brooches so stay tuned!

I've been ..... see in Alice in Wonderland
and I throughly enjoyed it! A bit different to what I thought the story line was going to be, but great all the same. I love Johnny Depp!

....... eating at Grub st, Gaythorne this morning with my bestie, Poppy!
It was delish! I had the salmon gravalax on rye with rocket, avocado and a wasabi-lemon mayo! mmmm...

I'm now off to a workshop by Scale free network in Ipswich! It's at the art gallery :D

What have you been doing today?