Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A few fun pics from my holiday! part 1

And so starts our USA adventure...

First day in LA - Poppy and I were wandering around on 2 hours sleep! We stayed at Orbit Hotel, which is in west Hollywood, a nice area. LA consisted of lots of walking, shopping, eating Mexican food (El Coyote was the BEST - celebrating 80 years of serving fantastic food and delicious margaritas! ) 

We went to Universal studios (and got eaten by Jaws! :P)

The infamous Hollywood sign! We went on a day tour and saw celebrity houses, the walk of fame, Mann's Chinese Theatre, Santa Monica and Venice Beach

My Bugati parked on Rodeo drive while I went shopping! :P

Shopping with the "dinosaurs" in Santa Monica! we ate Johnny Rockets here - bacon cheese burger with fries and a chocolate malt shake :D mmm... so delicious and so, so wrong with their sweet brioche buns and million calories! haha! First real American burger experience. 
There were some incredible buskers performing in the mall here.

Poppy riding her cruiser along Venice Beach from Santa Monica. We had a great time on the bikes! Wheee! Venice beach is pretty crazy though, with all their Koosh doctors and Jamaican themed products... :P

Beach side in Santa Barbara. We did some more bike riding and shopping, of course! Dinner that night was at the delicious Santa Barbara Fish house. I can recommend the seared Ahi tuna :)

That's all for now.. I'll upload some more tomorrow. Stay tuned for San Francisco and New York :)

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