Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter on Fraser Island :D

Part of the 180 degree view of Orchid Beach from our huge house!

Sam and I on Orchid beach

Beautiful clear water

Kevin the crab
We spotted him hiding in a beach gutter. He was not a happy chappy after we disturbed him from his slumber! and yes, we let him go (only cos he was too small! :D ha!)

Mangroves at Wathumba (great place to relax and read a book)

Interesting patterns in the sand

I even managed to sew a few brooches and hair clips during some down time at the house. Although, the more the days went on, the more relaxed I became and the less I did! ha! 

It was a lovely few days spent on a gorgeous island. 
I hope you had a an enjoyable long weekend too! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter on Fraser island

Why hello there! I hope you're Having a great Easter Sunday and enjoying some yummy chocolate eggs! I am currently on Fraseer Island typing this on an iPad! The wonders of technology! I won't able to post any pics, but I'll be sure to add some upon my return to Brisbane on Tuesday. It's going to be a busy week in the lead up to the Brisstyle twilight markets in King George Square on Friday the 29th (5-9pm). That's also the same day Prince William and Kate get hitched! I'll have to watch some of the updates! :p
And the countdown is on for my trip to the USA. I'm following design*sponge on twitter for lots of cool places to visit in Brooklyn, where I'll be staying. So much information at our fingertips :)

Have a safe and happy Easter


Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Commission!

I've had a customer ask me to create an anatomical heart brooch for a gift! This is going to be fun! Will post completed photos later.. :D

The human heart really is an interesting shape, non?

I hope you had a nice start to the week.. not long now until Easter, which means 5 days off! Joy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things that have piqued my interests...!

Definitely some valuable information from some savvy crafters! Read more here I would love to visit the Red Velvet shop someday!

Be a helping hand...

This is one of the biggest factors for me. I  like to fee as though I have made a difference in someone's life and I try to do this as often as possible. Whether it's a kind word during the day to a work colleague, a cuddle out of nowhere for a loved one, making a phone call to a friend that was long overdue... I want to feel that someone's day has been improved because I have offered encouragement or love. I want to give more than I receive.

It's easy to forget the value of simplicity. I over complicate moments in my head, which allows anxiety to grow and then confuse a situation. I regularly get lost in the thoughts in my head, forgetting to stay in the present moment. This is something I am working on! I like to count my breaths when I feel overwhelmed.. do you have any other tricks for remaining in the present?

It's Easter this week and I will be heading to Fraser Island for a holiday on wednesday evening. It's, what I like to call, a pre-holiday to my big holiday! I am leaving for the USA on May 5th and will explore the cities of LA, San Francisco and NYC for a whole month! I'm traveling with my best friend of 20 years - Poppy -  and we are going to have one hell of a time! yeee haaaa!!! I am so excited!!! :D

Before my trip I will be attending the BrisStyle Twilight Market in King George Square on Friday, 29th April from 5 - 9pm. 

And some recent news for GBC is that I'm now on twitter! follow me @goodboyrcracky. It's a lot of fun to be apart of the twitterverse, as they say!

Happy Sunday x

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Social Media!

I attended a very informative info session yesterday courtesy of Miss Jess from Epheirell and Bespoke zine.

After much procrastination, I am now on twitter! You can follow me at: goodboycracky. I think I'm going really enjoy twitter as a way of connecting with other crafty folk as well as participate in the coffee culture of Brisbane.

I've also added some more designs to my Etsy Store! See them here!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

YDM tomorrow!

Lots of new brooches to be displayed!

fun new hair bows to choose from!

I've also got lots of new phone case designs too! So come on down to the YDM on Little Stanley street, Southbank. Sunday 3rd April 10 - 4pm. It's going to be lovely weather! :)