Sunday, September 25, 2011

little monster designs

Stay tuned to see these little ones in my Etsy Store and at the Young Designer's Market next Sunday, 2nd October 10-4pm on Little Stanley street, Southbank!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lior and more!

Last night i had the pleasure of seeing the amazing singer/songwriter, Lior, perform at the Spiegeltent in King George Square! He was brilliant - smooth vocals, relaxed atmosphere, heartfelt songs and he had a cheeky and fun personality that set a great mood for the night. He also played with a string quartet, who were wonderful. The cellist and the double bass player really shone when Lior sang the cover of 'Nature Boy' by David Bowie. Another great moment was when he challenged himself to cover "Livin on a prayer" by Bon Jovi - which he did to the tune of Sesame Street! At the end of the night, he came out to meet the fans. I would have loved to say something to him, but I couldn't think of anything! Damn! :0S Star-struck, I think!

I also had to share the gorgeous head pieces made by Melbourne designer, Kani. She is as cute as a button and her designs are so sweet! Now I just need to choose one.... hmmm..

Have a great week and let's hope that this early Summer weather doesn't hang around during 'spring'!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

new designs and GBC in the weekend newspaper!

The new addiitions to the Good Boy Cracky line... Something a little dark but still with a fun and quirky side!
From left to right: Sylvester, Jerome, Sebastian and Gary

They will be appearing at the Young Designer's Market (little stanley street) on Sunday October 2nd 10-4pm

And in some more news, Good Boy Cracky's featurette will finally be run in 'U' magazine in next weekend's Sunday Mail! This will be along side some other crafty peeps as the feature is on 'handmade'. Make sure you check it out!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

a little break...

Well, I'm back after a small break... things have progressed work-wise with a job promotion and relocation! yay! I'm now working in St Lucia, so no more city sites for me for the mean time! I've started my new role and so far, so good! Sorting out this new role and finishing my last has taken up a bit of my time, which explains why I have been absent from ye olde blog! Last week, I was away in Byron Bay for Sam's sister's wedding - which was lovely! But I can home infected with the a chest flu thing (self diagnosed!) and have been fighting it all week... :( Boo to the spirng sickness?! How did I manage all of winter without getting sick and then spring some to launch an evil attack on me?! haha!
Anyhoo, I have a few items to share that are currently giving me joy.

First up is cucumber water and the "I go by Kate" blog. Cucumber water - such a nice idea to refresh a simple glass of water.. and a nice new flavour to start spring! yum! Katie's blog is super cute and she shares some lovely stories of her travels and things that are inspiring her right now. She is a very talented photographer and creates gorgeous moccasin shoes too!

I'm loving coconut water too right now! So hydrating and refreshing!!! ahhhh.. ;p It's the clear fluid found in young, green coconuts and is rich in electrolytes

New chocolate that everyone seems to be talking about this weekend - Concious Chocolate!
There are also other flavours available including mint, orange, raw cacao and goji and cocnut

Ingredients: cacao solids 50% min, cacao butter, agave nectar, cacao powder, coconut oil, wild carob, cinnamon, himalayan crystal salt, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews & walnuts.

There's only natural ingredient added which means no added sugar and it's raw, organic and hand made!

That's from me now... I'm off to enjoy a Sunday lamb roast! yumyumyum!