Saturday, June 18, 2011

New York part 2!

My favourite Williamsburg cafe to hang out in, called El Beit!

Sunny day in NYC! The first week was pretty dreary weather-wise, so there were lots of people out enjoying the lovely day. Here, I am about to enjoy a locally-made cherry pie bought at the union square farmer's market! So yum! I adore cherry pie!

At night, we found out that there was a free event on at the Public Library - "Bedtime stories for grown-ups" read by the likes of Gabriel Byrne and David Hyde-Pierce! The short stories they read were very entertaining :D

 Outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I got to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition: Savage Beauty. It was divine and totally worth the hour long wait to see!!!

Watching an artist sketch a sculpture in the gallery

Roy Lichtenstein - a favourite of mine

OMG! There is a sandwich shop near Washington Square Park, called Peanut Butter & Co, which sells only variations of the peanut better sandwich and PB based desserts! Here, Poppy and I are scoffing down the peanut butter brownie blast sundae! One of the greatest desserts ever!!!

Chelsea Market! Full of great food shops, including one lucky duck and home of 9th street espresso, which served up lovely coffee!

The Chelsea High Line - an old train line that has been raised up and converted into a stretch of park and walk-way for the public to relax in and enjoy. Very pretty! :D

part 3 is next! I didn't think there would be so many, but I can't just skim over all the good pics! :P

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