Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love...

I love cook books right now.. I can't get enough! All the yummy pictures just make my mouth water and I day dream about being an amazing cook like my mum, whipping up something amazing in an instant. I never get that time to spend in the kitchen..I'm always crafting and sewing! I get comments that I own these books but I'll never actually make anything from them.  I have made a few (well, 2)! I'd love to own Miss Dahl's voluptuous delights. I think that will be my next purchase!.... I got Monica Trapaga's for Christmas and it's lovely! Especially the bircher muesli and chocolate mousse! mmmmmm!

The weekend markets were interesting... Friday night was slow due to a storm at 3pm forcing people to dash home after work! I don't blame them! I had a yummy burger for dinner from Beastie burger so it wasn't all bad! Did I mention that I am a MASSIVE burger fan?! I can't get enough of them (for that once-a-week fix). I'm not talking McDonalds or Hungry Jacks. I talking gourmet, people! Burger urge, Purple Gorilla, Grill'd are among my faves.. most importantly, anywhere that does a great burger with bacon and cheese! yum yum! Let me know if you know of any others.
On with the markets! I had a new item - Button rings! I had a small amount for sale to test how popular they would be - 2/3 aint' bad! Here was my first sale 

And I can confirm that the greeting cards will be available for sale next weekend! Come on by to check them out! I'm v excited! All on 100% recycled paper too (Including the envelopes!) :)

That's all from me for today. I'm off to do some washing and then see "Up in the air". Yay! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

YDM and Stop Sixteen in a Peppermint dream!

It's coming up again, Peeps! This month's it's on Sunday 7th February 10-4pm. I'll have some cute Valentine's Day brooches and hair clips available so come down to check them out! I'll also have some more cute clutches and earrings made :D Keep an eye on the online store too!

In other news, I've bee busy working on my piece for Stop Sixteen Cafe. It's a gorgeous and friendly place full of  yummy coffee, tasty food and arty goodness! I'm exhibiting for the month of February - one large picture and also a range of my hand made goodies too! Please take a look if you are near Ashgrove. The address and more info is here.

PS You can join my Facebook group and follow me on Twitter now via the link on the online store :D

Something I'm also excited about......... Good Boy Cracky is going to be in Peppermint magazine! Stay tuned for more details!

Have a lovely afternoon and a great Australia Day tomorrow! I'm going to a barbie at my sister's house with some friend's and taking some choccie mousse! mmmmmm!

Monday, January 18, 2010

See the new items... the Online store!

3 Cute lil' wise old owls have made their way to the shop, so please check them out!  They are available in white, grey and brown. Also, Little Red and the big bad wolf have made a home there too. They'd love for you to take a look! :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ikea! and beyond!

Sam and I went to Ikea Lo-gan (said like the Swedish "Sven" on the ad!). It was great, apart form the fact there was a massive line up at the check out cos the eftpos system was down! Took about 30mins to get through! Boo!! Sam bought a stand to put his computer on and I found a lovely photo frame for my felt masterpiece in the Stop Sixteen exhibition! Even the doggies got a present - a new water bowl on legs! I can't find a pic of it though.... Anyhow, we also bought the infamous meatballs that we are making into a bolognese fettuccine tonight! mmmmmmmm!

In other news, I have a new addition that will be introduced shortly to the Good Boy Cracky range - greeting cards! They will be hand drawn illustrations by my sister, Briony under the name "B~Line, and printed on 100% recycled paper.  I'll be sure to include pictures when the cards are ready to rock n roll! Not long now!

I'm still recovering from a hideous head cold which is why I haven't blogged this week that much. Here's to a healthy and productive week ahead!  :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big news!

For the month of February, I will be exhibiting at Stop Sixteen in Ashgrove! It'll be a fun display of the Good Boy Cracky range mixed with an artistic edge. I'll also be unveiling some new felt picture/scenes that I'm starting to get into. My brain's a ticking with this new inspiration. Stay tuned!
You can read a bit about Stop Sixteen here from the Courier Mail review

Things I love at the moment...

Isn't she a beauty?? It's called the Alexander Girard 3i. One day it will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

Frankie magazine free wallpapers for the desktop. See more here

I had breakfast here tis morning. You have to go nice and early (8-8:30am) so you miss the line up which starts from about 9:15am. I had the muesli with berries and yoghurt as I'm not feeling 100% and i needed something light.

And.... my Granny as she gave me some more gorgeous buttons yesterday. They're so nice that I don't want to put them up for sale!! Thanks for coming by with Paula to check out the stall, Gran x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Name the Clutch Bag winner!

I also forgot the add the winner of the "name the clutch bag" competition held at the YDM on Sunday

Samantha Dominic nominated "Red Herring" and it was chosen as the best name! Congratulations! and thanks the everyone who entered.

Good Boy Cracky also now has a facebook group. Feel free to join! :D

While I'm hard at work......

This is Cracky "working hard for the money" while I'm slaving away on the laptop! He is so lazy!

I also had to put this photo of Luca up. It was taken about a month ago and shows how comfortable she it without her big, wooly coat on. She looks a bit "gremlin" like though! eek! hahaha

In other news, I had a great time at the YDM on Sunday. It was successful, despite the storm! Luckily, I had a nice, big marquee that didn't have any holes! I'm off to the Portside markets this sunday to see if I might like to have a stall there. Very exciting!
I'm also back at the Lifestyle Markets at Southbank this Friday and Saturday so hope to see you there!