Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some fun peeps i've found in the crafty/drawing world!

Darling Girl - making gorgeous design from lace, ribbon and more. I love the earrings!

Pannikin - super cute badges, tote bags and pendants

Gemma Correll - her illustrations are so cute and fun! She has a pug obsession like I have daschund one!! Bless! Definitely one of my favourite artists! Check out her online store too!

Julia Pott - and she happens to be a second cousin of mime! Very talented indeed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 things I love...

in no particular order...

1. Posters for the home!

This Etsy store, Farouche has some cute and fun posters (and more) for sale :) I love this one!

2. Mexican food!!

The real good authentic version... so yummy! I've cooked it twice this week already- corn tortillas with the lot and then tortilla salad with the left overs the next night! Delicious!

3. Tattoos 

and how many crafty fans are getting their favourite artists images tattooed on them! Like English artist, Gemma Correll and her examples below. Very cool. That reminds me...I need to get my sister to finish the image for my tattoo....

4. Spring! it really has sprung for me this year... one minute, the garden is bare, the next, the trees are blooming with flowers and the lawn is out of control! hahahaha!


5. Sam. 

Your support, love and kindness is never ending... I am so grateful. Thank you for being you xxx