Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Young designer's Markets!

Hey everyone

Just a quick post to say I'll have a stall this Sunday, 3rd Jan at the Southbank Young Designer's market! Very exciting! I've been meaning to apply for a while and now I'm finally doing it! Huzzah!

The markets are from 10-4pm, so come one, come all! I'll be displaying lots of new designs :P

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy your NYE celebrations!

See y'all round!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello all,

Just wishing you all a lovely Christmas and happy 2010! I will be taking a small break from the markets, but stay tuned in the new year for more creative and crafty designs!

I'll be enjoying time with friends and family, while also taking time to relax.... maybe a massage is in order ;P
See you soon, friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

thank you! :)

"I bought one of the beautiful button necklaces on the weekend (the red one) and I wore it to work today to funk up my boringly corporate outfit. I have had SO MANY comments, everyone LOVED it - beautiful work Jessica! I am definately coming back to stock up for Christmas - have a request from both my sister and my best friend. Gorgeous!"

A big thank you to Kate for this lovely message! :)

What a big weekend is was yet again! I am looking forward to a bit of a break over Christams/New Year, so this weekend Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th will be Good Boy Cracky's final one for 2009!! But never fear, we will be back bigger and better in 2010! I have some big plans for the label including the online store and a frequently posted blog with many inspiring images and stories for all to see. I'm very excited!! 
Don't forget the extended trading hours for this weekend friday 10am-10pm, saturday 10am- 9pm and sunday 9-5pm.

I have been a bit slack with updating with pics of what's new for the week, so I'll try to get on top of that! I'm off to make and creat now so stay tuned for those photos!

Over and out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hi there...

Well, what a weekend it was! Busy, busy, busy and successful! We had an extra day (sunday) at the markets to sell our wares and to entice Sam and I to add the extra day to the routine,weekly schedule! It worked..! So, until Christmas, Good Boy Cracky will be at the Southbank Markets Friday night, Saturday AND Sunday! Come one, come all! There will also be extended trading hours for the week of the 18th Dec: Friday 10-10pm and Saturday 10 - 9pm. Sunday is 9-5pm, as normal.

I had some new stock for sale this weekend - debuting were vintage button necklaces in various colours - and they were a hit! :D I will upload some pics later this week to show what colours are available. I've also got new designs for hair clips and brooches which I will also post pics for when they are completed. The clutch bags and phone cases will have some lovely new fabric choices too! So much to be inspired by and I don't have the time to do it all!

I got to see the stalls at the Young Designers Market on Sunday. I will be sure to sign up for that for 2010... so many crafty people out there... it's a great community. I especially liked Lauren Carney's work. See her website here. Her drawings are gorgeous!

Must be off to bed now... tired eyes... it's getting harder to keep them open...