Thursday, June 16, 2011

New York, New York! it's a hell of a town! part one

First day in the Big Apple, wandering around Union Square and surrounding streets. We came across a big red fire truck - gotta love a man in uniform!

Cool art on show at Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea - one of many pit stops while exploring the city. The cafe has really cool merchandise and it part owned by an Australian! I discovered this fact when I saw a 'flat white' on the menu (which is an Australian invention!) The art is made entirely from thread..!

Dinner at WD~50 on the second night. I was very excited to dine on the culinary delights of chef, Wylie Dufresne. The restaurant is located on the lower East side and I could only get a reservation for 10:30pm! I had a delicious meal here - a challenge for the senses! In the picture is my entree of eggs benedict :) Definitely a meal to remember!

Permanent sculptures at the 8th Ave subway station - awesome! There were little characters everywhere!

Amateur night at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem (up on 125th street). Definitely worth doing if you are in NYC on a wednesday night and tickets are only $17! It's a new talent search night and the audience gets to participate! In the past, the Jackson 5 and Ella Fitzgerald started their careers at Amateur night!

Graffiti on the Chelsea streets... I see a bit of a trend in my photos...!

At MoMA on a friday night, when entry is free! This is a installation of what one man ate for an entire year back in the 1980s AND he ate the same thing every day!! canned meat (Spam), powdered milk, insulin bottles.. it's all there!

At M&M world in Times Square! I had so much fun here! So many M&M products!!
That's a new friend, Isabelle, who was staying in the same B and B as Poppy and I

The infamous Times Square! This photo doesn't do justice to the lights and amazing advertising that engulfs you!! So many people too!

Part 2 coming up...!

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