Wednesday, June 22, 2011

birthday interlude!

I am now 26! and...
Wow! Yesterday I had one the best birthdays ever! It started early with cuddles from my beautiful boy, Sam. He gave a present of perfume that I have have had my eye on for some time - "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs. I smelt like Heaven for most of the day! At work, I got to enjoy a delicious chocolate mousse cake courtesy of Le Bon Choix. It was so yummy - the base tasted like Ferrero Rocher! mmmmm!!

The afternoon was fairly chilled out - reading blogs, playing with the dogs and sunning myself on the back deck with a nice cup of tea! In the evening, my sister picked up Sam and I for a surprise dinner! I was also given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Sam in the afternoon in oranges, pinks and greens. They are so beautiful and I am smelling the roses' sweet scent as I type this post!

I was blindfolded in the car and driven to what I thought was a restaurant somewhere.. We actually arrived at my sister's house where she had turned her outside entertainment area into a Mad Hatter's tea party!!! All my friends were dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland too! 

I was so impressed, surprised, happy and overwhelmed (in a good way!) There was even a pinata to smash! :D We dined on lovely treats (pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, spinach and fetta parcels and fairy bread!) and had an amazing chocolate cake that was baked by my sister's friend. It was like Bruce Bog trotter's cake from the Roald Dahl's story Matilda - only one layer, thank goodness! :P Remember the movie?!

 It was such a fun birthday and i will treasure the memories that were created that day :)
I am now about to enjoy the new Frankie magazine - which came out today! You can see it in the photo above too :P I have also just watched the final episode in season 7 of Grey's Anatomy.. eek! No other show makes me cry and gasp so much at the story line! The writers are geniuses! 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :D

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