Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On behalf of BrisStyle..

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"With heartfelt acknowledgement of our fellow BrisStyle members as well as all the Queenslanders who have been affected by the recent floods, we have put our crafty goodness towards raising funds, as well as awareness of those in need.

We know that we can't stop the rain from failling but we can certainly help make a difference by donating much needed funds to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal by way of BrisStyle's "Handmade Ark" Flood Appeal.

Donating is easy. Simply purchase a handmade item from a participating BrisStyle members Etsy shop and the funds will be donated directly to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. The participating BrisStyle Etsy stores will be featured on the BrisStyle blog as well as a tally of funds raised.

Please extend your generosity via our "Handmade Ark" Flood Appeal and know that in some small way, you will be making a difference to the flood affected communities of Queensland."