Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jessiedex favourite

I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce some of the Jessiedex favourites in Woolloogabba!
I went vintage shopping on Saturday! yes! I love vintage shopping! So many cool items to discover - especially at the Woolloongabba Antique Store, 22 Wellington street. It is HUGE!! The floor area is filled with hundreds of small, individually stocked "micro shops". You really could spend hours here, uncovering all the nooks and crannies! This store also has a cute little cafe inside (at the front), serving wraps, sandwiches and a selection of sweet things. I really love their eclectic mix of teapots for serving and the salt and pepper shakers on the tables.

cutest S and P shakers EVER!

One of the micro shops - this one was very organised :D I love love love the bunting!

I also stopped in at Brown Dog cafe for a take away coffee. It was very busy, not a free table in sight, so very popular with the locals. The coffee was nice and the service is friendly :) Definitely worth a trip back to try the food!

this picture sourced from beanhunter

Happy Sunday!

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