Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jessiedex: Best of - worldly delights!

Want to know a great place to eat in the suburbs of Brisbane? Here are my favourites according to food genre :D

Best Thai: 
  • My Thai Restaurant, Auchenflower. Amazing Tom Kha Gai and Duck pad prik king!
  • Mons Ban Sabai Thai restaurant, Camp Hill. The Mussaman beef is gorgeous, as is the Red curry with chicken
My Thai - photo source

Best Indian: 
  • Punjabi Palace - fantastic naan (try Punjabi delight! spinach and cheese) and delicious chicken mahkini in the Chef's specialties

Best Mexican: 
  • Tuckeria for great fresh mexican. The burritos are huge and flavourful and the tacos are full, fresh and super tasty!
Favourite Greek:
  • Ouzeri, West End. This Place is always full and once you've tried the food, you know why! The skordalia dip with warm turkish bread as a starter is sooo good and followed by the meat and potatoes oven baked in a bag, you're sure to eat well! It has been a while since I have eaten here, so I hope they still serve the same great food. I must re-visit!
Best Burger:
  • Burger Urge, New Farm. With the recent menu change and renovations now complete, Burger Urge is a fun casual spot for a bit to eat. I love the Cheese Louise with bacon and the sweet potato fries with lime aioli! The Zorba the Greek burger is also pretty amazing.
  • Grill'd also gets a mention for consistently providing great burgers and chips. I love the rosemary seasoning on the fries :D I'm never disappointed when I leave here.
Best Sushi:
  • Sushi Train at Indooroopilly is a tasty suburban find. The chicken and avocado nigiri is awesome, as is the gyoza. I am also a  hug fan of the fresh salmon and avocado sashimi. For a dinner that provides all the well loved Japanese(/Westen!) favourites, Sushi train hits the spot! Be prepared to wait, though, as it is very popular.
Best Chinese:
  • I always love Super Bowl, Chinatown, the Valley. See my blog post here
Best Vietnamese: 
  • Trang's, West End. I love the rice paper rolls! Very basic decor, but cheap and tasty food! win/win!

Best Turkish: 
  • Caravanserai, West End. The Ottoman meze was a great starter - so much delicious fresh food - dips, meat skewers, turkish bread, haloumi.. and more!

Best Bistro style:
  • Continental Cafe, New Farm. I finally found a delicious French Onion Soup here! The Spring lamb with root vegetables as a main was perfect.
Best German food:
  • The German club (Zum Kaiser), Woolloogabba. The pork belly is fantastic and the atmosphere is always fun and friendly. They also do Pork Knuckle! Yes! I love the beer hall too!

New places I'm keen to try: 
Portabella in Eaton's Hill. Apparently the pork belly is amazing!
Sake, Eagle street pier, City
Moo Moo Restaurant, City
Crosstown Eatery, Woolloongabba
Organic Char, Eagle street Pier, City

Hmmmm... the city seems to have a few places that I want to try! 

I'd love to hear where your favourite restaurants are :D


  1. Loving the Jessiedex!

    My votes for best Mexican go to El Torito in West End (their bean burritos are *the bestest*), and La Quinta in Bulimba, which is always packed, has fantastic atmophere and serves sangria in little cactus glasses :)

    Def agree that Punjabi Palace has the best Indian! Great vegan options here too.

    For best sushi I'd have to say Ginga at South Bank (the restaurant, not the sushi train) and for best overall Japanese my favourite is Sakura in Highgate Hill.

    I went to Moo Moo Restaurant last year, the bar there is beautiful and the food is good, but found the service to be woeful which made for a disappointing experience.

    All this food talk is making me hungry!

  2. Hey Tara
    Yes I am a fan of El Torito! Especially the Mole poblano! I love the idea of chicken and chocolate sauce :P
    I'll have to try Sakura in Highgate Hill. Japanese is currently my favourite food! It will also be my next holiday destination... yes!!