Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog love for a Healthful Pursuit

In my blog reading frenzies, I've been uncovering all sorts of lovely blogs to read on a variety of topics. Out of recent finds, Healthful pursuit has been a favourite. It is filled with healthy recipes and entries from the creator, Leanne and her "passion for healthy treats, whole food eats, and balanced living".
Her recipes are an endless anthology of wholefood goodness and I an slowly making my way through a few of them! They are a great starting place to inspire your own cooking of you just need a bot of inspiration. I'm a big fan of the 5 min quinoa flake bake! (pictured below)

If you want another recipe for quinoa, Miss Morag's Morsels has recently blogged about this super food too!

mmmm raw veggies!

I suppose I am drawn to this kind of blog as I feel that I am also working towards "balanced" living. It's so easy to get bogged down in things like work stresses and forget simple pleasures that give us joy, like making and eating a healthy and tasty meal! Or sitting in the sun for a few minutes or taking extra time to really enjoy a cup of tea.

I'd like to bring in yoga to my weekly routine to balance the high intensity activities that I do in Crossfit. I also try to limit take away to the weekends (a breakfast and a dinner!) Sometimes I fail at this and have to grab some yum soft tacos if I am working late! haha! They make some great tacos over at Tuckeria! It reminds of when I was in the Mission district in San Francisco in May :). What do you do to stay balanced?

It's going to be a foodie weekend for me.... starting this morning with AMAZING banana and coconut crepes from Grub st in Gaythorne. OMG I was in heaven! The crepes were made on rice flour which made them gluten free and Stix, the chef, also made them dairy free! The shredded coconut topping was elevated by the addition of lime zest and with the sweet, light maple syrup, it really made this dish sing! I forgot to get a photo as I was so keen to tuck in! oops! 
Stix is a very creative chef who really understands flavours and food combinations. He is also not afraid of putting something on the menu that's a little different - like nasi goreng for a breakfast special! Awesome! 

Tomorrow, I am going to the Merlo Coffee and Chocolate affair at Portside. I cannot wait to indulge and go chocolate crazy! I might regret this later in the day though! haha! :P

Now I'm off to create for Good Boy Cracky! I have to grab some supplies, then I'm finishing some phone covers and working on a new feature for the design range! oooooo!
Have a great weekend and I hope you eat some yummy food too!

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  1. Hi Jessica, It was lovely to meet you and browse your wares at the market last week. I just put my post up about your stall. Best of luck with your business!