Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feeling floral?

This week has been focused on flowers and Christmas! There are 2 kinds of flowers avaiable, as well as Santa hats and elf shoes (adding to the Xmas trees and Xmas pudding already for sale). The Santa hats and elf shoe will be for sale as clips and brooches. I also have more cats and apple trees as brooches this week.

I have a new design for the phone cases to unveil. Still similar in style but with a new finishing at the top. A big thanks goes to my logistics manager, Sam for his expertise in case design! :D

I am still working on my online shop... perhaps going into both as well as having a shop on my website. A lot of decisions still to be made, so stay tuned!

In other news, I have discovered "keep cup" which I am very excited about. Please visit Merlo coffee have them as a promotion now, as well as Brother Espresso. Come one, come all to use the reusable coffee cup!!! A keep cup of my own is on my Xmas wish list, along with some cooking books! So far, Jamie Oliver's: America is on there... and also a new book called "She's leaving home" which is a collection of much loved family recipes for a daughter who is leaving home for the big, wide world.

Time for bed now... it's been a massive day!
Bon nuit!

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