Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great news! Incube8r

Hello hello! I have great news! Wheee!
There is a cube for me at Incube8r in Fortitude Valley! 

"In.cube8r® is open to ANYONE who makes things by hand and for ANYONE who loves buying one-off unique items.
**there is no commission on items sold, when an item is sold the artist receives 100% of the retail price!!**
  • in.cube8r® has been created to support all things craft, art and hand-made.
  • we are open to anyone interested in being represented australia wide.
  • this is the one-stop-shop for all gift, accessory and self-embellishments.
  • the range of styles and applications is second to none on the one gallery floor.
  • in.cube8r® runs like a long term market, this gives it’s artists and hand crafters the power over display and price.
the gallery is divided up into glass cubicles, shelves, racks and partitions which artists can lease for a small cost, from as little as $22 per week over a 3 month period
come and get in.cube8ted!!" (Sourced from Incube8r website (www.incube8r.com.au)

From June 12, I will have a new home to sell my wares in the gallery at 253 Wickham st, Fortitude Valley! It's an awesome space - wall to wall hot pink and red! There are many talented Brisbane artists who also have a space (sorry, cube!! :P) to sell their wares so head on down to check them out :D


I went to the the morning tea for the opening of the Saviour of the Lost Arts - a Brisbane City Council initiative to bring crafters, young and old, together for workshops and to share their love for all things crafty! See more info at the link below.

  • The Saviour of the Lost Arts fair on Tuesday, June 1st in King George Square 10am - 6pm
  • The Young Designer's Markets on Sunday, June 6th on Little Stanley Street, Southbank 10am .
I also have new items up for sale on ETSY. Check them out here

PS. Season 6 finale of Grey's Anatomy is SO INTENSE! I just watched it while typing this post and have been bawling eyes out! Man, that show gets me every time! *sniff* gotta go wash my face now!!

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