Monday, September 14, 2009

Target acquired!

Hello there and welcome to Good Boy Cracky! I am thrilled to announce that all systems are go for my label, with a predicted start at weekend markets on the 2nd October! I am waiting on application approval from the Southbank Markets, so stay tuned for the official news!

So a little about me... I am a florist that has recently been swept up into the creative and fun world of sewing and craft world. Towards the start of this year, I was creating hair clips made from felt (for myself initially). I got a lot of great responses from friends and family wanting some of their own. From this, my brain started to tick over about getting more serious about selling my wares. I was not creatively satisfied with floristry during this time and my instincts were pulling me in the direction of all things textile! It has been a big decision to move away from the flower industry, but I have decided to "follow my bliss" for the time being and see where this path will take me! C'est le moment ou jamais!

 From the hair clips stemmed the idea of making iphone cases (as some that are available in the shops lack a little personality), earrings and cute lil' clutch bags! I'm also designing bracelets and brooches.
I am getting used to doing a blog and will hopefully manage to upload some images in this post!

Good Boy Cracky is designed for those who seek unique, fun and quirky accessories largely made from recycled materials (including tea towels, buttons and pillow cases). I hope you enjoy them and please, stop by again soon! :p

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